As you most likely read in the last post, I went ahead and took a leap of faith in achieving my dream of owning my own profitable business and was now living in Tempe, Arizona. I had saved up a few thousand dollars from my full time hotel job and part time club promoting job so I had to find something stable again before I could focus on growing my business. I transferred to another luxury hotel owned by the same company as the one I had previously worked at in order to maintain a stable income. Once that job was in place, I quickly started acting on the plan I had created to start my own entertainment company. My friend and I started developing relationships with venue owners on Mill Avenue and eventually one of them agreed to let us promote our own night at their club. BAM! Within a few months of setting up shop I had already moved up considerably from being a “promoter” in OC to owning my own night at a club in Arizona. We used social media to invite people to our event and also texted everyone we knew in our phones. The first night was a success and the bar owner cleared more money on a Thursday night than he had in the five years before that. See, they didn’t really need help on Friday’s or Saturday’s because there is so much foot traffic on Mill Ave. that all the bars fill up without any promotions needed.

After a few more successful events, we wanted to raise the stakes in order to bring in some more revenue. We had built up the fact that Thursday nights at this bar/club were going to be energetic and fun so we tried to use that momentum by booking our first artist. We paid Asher Roth’s DJ, “Wreckineyez”, to come spin records at the club. We charged everyone $10 at the door and wound up getting 150 people to come to the event. The club owner was happy because he had a lot of alcohol sales, and we were happy because we paid the artist $800 after all expenses were paid and almost doubled our money. We knew we were onto something and had a great future ahead of us… or so we thought. To find out the next story in this sage, please read the next article here.